Dudes with (Crypto)Dollars, Dating Doozies and Dogs for Days

My darlings, today’s Missive is brought to you by, well, you and the suggestions you send me throughout the week.

Friend Zoe reminded me that I need to read this tour de force from Nellie Bowles on mad bitcoin bank and how Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not (wah waaaaaaaah).

I don’t use online dating apps, but Friend Stefana has given me permission to share these screenshots from a candidate who crossed her feed. And let me just say, whoever's manning the ASPCA social accounts deserves ALLLLLL of the raises.

And speaking of puppers, Friend Colin sent in the definitive mapping of dog breeds based on data and popularity, from ‘hot dogs’ to ‘inexplicably overrated,’ ‘rightly ignored’ to ‘overlooked treasures.’ But remember folks: all dogs are SUCH GOOD DOGS and you should remind them as such.