Due To My >1 Moose Pillows, My Decorating Aesthetic Is "Bohemian Lumberjack Minimalist", Thank You For Your Time.

Dearests! Temperatures are warming in North America, and a spring of both the weather AND existential kind peaks out over the horizon. In San Francisco, a flowering tree on my street is so potent I can smell it through my mask, though my pandemic conditioning then caused me to tighten the damned thing out of paranoia. It’s all to say that… there are things to look to for hope, moments in our day to reflect upon and smile. So let’s keep going, shall we?


  • Anyone else sad WandaVision is over? Don’t worry, Vox has a crazy in-depth re-cap / meditation on the series for you to sink your teeth into by one of my favorite TV critics Emily VanDerWerff: What we argue about when we argue about WandaVision.

  • Part one million of “I just love it when judges go off in legal opinions”: A Judge Slammed An Alleged Capitol Rioter’s “Media Publicity Stunt” And Refused To Let Him Out Of Jail. (BuzzFeed News

  • The vaccine machine is ramping up around the world, but here in the U.S., the different guidelines in each state are making it challenging for those with medical conditions that may qualify them for earlier access to determine whether or not they can get jabbed yet - and how: How America’s Vaccine System Makes People With Health Problems Fight for a Place in Line (NYT). Meanwhile, excess inventory combined with the highly degradable nature of the shots has meant that vaccination centers and pharmacies are giving out anything left at the end of the day to anyone who can take ‘em to make sure that the vaccines aren’t wasted. THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING, as not one single vaccine should go to waste, period, full stop. But if you know anyone in the current tier who is having trouble navigating the system to get an appointment, be a good neighbor and help them sign up, ok? The more of us vaccinated, the better we all are, and the sooner we can get back to (consenting) hugs.

  • This is pretty inside baseball for people in my industry, but can I get a round of applause for “How to be a good client in PR”. (LinkedIn) The TL;DR: be clear about what you want, be a human in how you behave, remember that we’re just humans over here on the agency side (full disclosure: this post was written by a client of the firm I work for.)

  • And finally, scream it from the rooftops: Biden’s COVID-Relief Bill Is a Big F**cking Deal (Intelligencer)

Y’all are just fabulous. Wear your masks, get vaccinated if you can, and be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy