Elephant Seals Care Not For Your Human Boundaries.

Darlings, I missed you! I am back here on the mainland, pretending to still be on island time and finding ways to get macadamia nuts into every food I consume (did you know macadamia nut pesto is actually delicious? IT IS!) And while I miss what the humidity did to my hair, I’m ever so pleased to be back with y’all.

But first, some hashtag personal news. I’m quite pleased to announce that next Tuesday, I will be joining Zeno Group's San Francisco office as a VP, Corporate Communications, working primarily with their client Salesforce. And while working with a company like Salesforce on corporate communications and public affairs is (obviously) a major draw to the role, I am most excited to work with the amazing team and learn from some of the best minds in the business.

Which is to add that I am off this week (wooooo) to reorganize my apartment and wander around the DeYoung Museum, and would love to have coffee with you if you are in the Bay Area. Also, there maaaaaay be an afternoon karaoke celebrating new adventures in the works next weekend, email me if you’re interested in deets. Also, if you’re in town tomorrow, I will be speaking at the sixth season (!!!) opener of Odd Salon! Hope to see you there for a nerd-filled night of SPECTACLE. (This is how normal people take time off, yes? OK.)

Now, on to the internet, much of which I missed whilst on vacation and am now struggling to tell whether it is real or not. So it’s rapid-fire link time, y’all!

Toodles, sweethearts! See you tomorrow.