Email Bombs, De-Verification and Delectable Takedowns.

Darlings! It’s a soggy day here in the Bay Area, and I’m debating whether or not I can train the best dogs in the world to use the toilet in the next hour and a half. Wish me luck! And here’s where a great transition joke on how the world is going down the toilet would be, if I’d finished my coffee already.

Here’s a pro tip: if you ever, EVER yell “Who are they gonna believe, you or me?” you’re most definitely in the wrong and should pause, full stop. And if you’re an allegedly intoxicated assistant district attorney yelling at an Uber driver, while he films your alleged verbal assault? ugh.

Twitter went on a de-verification spree after it was criticized for giving little blue checkmarks to white nationalists and other hatemongers. This is part of the company’s (long due, imho) reckoning with abuse on their platform.

I’ve been guilty of this before and am glad I read this piece: The Ignorance of Mocking Mormonism.

It is terrifyingly cheap to make it impossible to exist on the internet, as this Pro Publica account of an email bomb and bot hack against three of their reporters illustrates.

Hot damn, Rick Wilson: The Strange Pleasure of Seeing Carter Page Set Himself on Fire.

And if you read one damned thing today, make it Richard Lawson’s delectable takedown review of the Justice League movie, which leads with a personal extended account of damning faint praise as a college theater performer. Another choice quote: “But once in awhile, there comes along something so egregiously bad that trying to find something good to say about it is its own kind of cruelty; such an obvious act of reaching only highlights the production’s garish dimensions, its abject failures.”