Escape Rooms As Religion, And Other 2019 Coping Mechanisms

Sweethearts! This is gonna be a quick one since I am headed to a team offsite and need to make sure I get there on time, SO LET’S DO THIS.

  • READ THIS VOX PIECE ON ESCAPE ROOMS and how they’ve become the perfect salve to our 2019 existential anxieties. It is SO very good. Will I be discussing this piece with my therapist whilst working out my myriad of control issues? Heck yea! And friends, sometimes sentences just sum up your personal gestalt: “It is weird to gather in a themed room for an hour to unlock combination locks in a high-stakes situation that matters not at all.” Vive le “Goods”!

  • The inimitable Toni Morrison passed, and instead of sharing out-of-context quotes from her novels on social media, you should watch her gently-but-devastatingly school Charlie Rose on racism and read her post-2016-election New Yorker piece with the subhead “The choices made by white men, who are prepared to abandon their humanity out of fear of black men and women, suggest the true horror of lost status,” Making America White Again.

  • And finally, the chairman of Soul Cycle and Equinox fitness is throwing a $100,000-a-ticket fundraiser for Donald Trump. Coolcoolcoolcoolcool.

See y’all tomorrow for reading list! I like each and every one of you - be kind to each other, mmmkay?

xoxo Amy