Fancy Hipster Coffee is Too Sour, and Other Quixotic Protests

I think one of the best parts of this election cycle has been attempting to broaden my personal liberal online echo chamber by following Republican strategists who have disavowed Trump and his team. I’m a podcast addict, so in the past few months have heard various Republicans on Off Message, Keepin’ it 1600, Whistlestop, The Axe Files, and No One Knows Anything speaking on why they cannot in good conscience support the current nominee, and how their conservative ideals have led them to pursue other avenues.

From listening to those podcasts, I’ve started following them on Twitter. And as a diehard Hillary fan doing everything she can to make sure she takes the oath of office in January, it’s been absolutely necessary to read smart, passionate members of the other side. Despite what I see is a clear and *only* choice in November, I must (at least attempt to) remain critical and openminded. And I promise, I’m doing my best to do that. So far, I’ve most enjoyed following:

Which is why I find it interesting that Stevens is meeting with the independent candidate Evan McMullin, a former counterterrorism officer at the CIA and Republican aide. As deadlines to get on the ballot have passed in some states, McMullin and his team indeed have a Sisyphean "quixotic protest” in front of them.

And finally, major love to dear friend Alex Wilhelm’s How Tech Sees Itself Versus Reality on Mattermark, mostly because it exposed me to the following gif, which is actually how I view myself every single day.

Love, hugs, smiles and coffee,