Fashion, Religion, and Treadmills, Oh My!

FRIENDS, THE MET GALA WAS LAST NIGHT and it was glorious. And with a theme like “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” you’d best believe I was all over Twitter needing out on the religiously-inspired sartorial splendor, though I would argue that some of the fashion choices made last night seemed more rooted in Eastern Orthodox traditions, but that’s why no one talks to me at parties. And for any of you monsters claiming that it’s a frivolous distraction, might I direct you to Racked (of course) and their dive into the engineering of the gowns. BOOM. And I am here for the rundown of awkward moments, like when Katy Perry nearly took out her stylist with her Angels in America-like wings.

And now that you’ve looked at those photos of starlets in ballgowns, remember that treadmills got their start as prison rehabilitation devices in England. That’s right, according to Jstor - and history - Treadmills Were Meant To Be Atonement Machines, contraptions used to grind corn and other tasks, as well as keep prisoners busy for up to eight hours a day.

Finally, over at TechCrunch, Danny Crichton looks into how being ignorant of technology is no GD way to run a country, and how we need to fix that.

Be kind, my loves!