"Fashion Snuggies" and Other Completely Normal Google Searches

As we slide into the last few weeks of summer and the rest of the continent bakes in the August sun, it needs to be known that I just googled “fashion snuggie” since my kitchen in SF is so damned cold.

Also, this convo happened over text yesterday. Social media has burrowed into my subconscious, which I just initially spelled subconscience and stared at for a few minutes. Look. It's one of those mornings.

Read Sam Lessin’s column on the “Faustian bargain of the disinformation game” over at The Information, and why finding damning evidence of a certain president’s ill deeds won’t be enough to overcome the firehose of BS being pumped out to distract us. So let’s stop trying to find the smoking (n-word) gun and register to vote. And have others register to vote. And then vote. Did I mention we need to vote? Holy hell, we need to vote.

I’m not intimately aware of YouTuber community drama, but I gotta say that Polygon’s download on the Milkshake Duck-ing of a trio of beauty vloggers is really interesting. And now I’ve spent ten minutes of my life down a YouTube eyeshadow tutorial rabbit hole. My friends, send help. And snacks.

And finally, a White House speechwriter was fired! Because he spoke at a conference popular with white nationalists! In 2016! Coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool.

Be kind to each other, darlings.