Fictional Fault Lines, Impetuous Start-Ups, and CRJ 4EVER

Morning, my darlings! No bat-shit crazy news coming out of Washington today (yet,) so let’s see what else is afoot.

Carly Rae Jepson is a goddamned musical delight and now a songwriter and a musicology professor back me up. Come at me, music snobs, come at me!

Certain Austin-dwellers are super pissed at the dating app referred to by some as “Feminist Tinder” for housing their company in a luxury high-rise. Residents of the building take issue with Bumble employees utilizing the fancy building common spaces and being rude to residents. insert joke about a Bay Area eye roll They took so much issue, in fact, that someone went to the press and BuzzFeed wrote a lengthy article on the drama. But worry not, my doves, the company has already vacated the premises.

I don’t understand a single thing about fictional fault lines, but I do know it’s pretty cool to see Friend of the Missive Miles Traer written up in i09 for his hypothetical geological data analysis on the “Doom of Valyria” in Game of Thrones.

Playwright, author and actor Sam Shepard passed away last week after a previously-undisclosed battle with ALS. In the New Yorker, singer-songwriter Patti Smith penned a beautiful tribute to him.

That’s it, that’s all. Until tomorrow!