Fired Up About The Threat To The Republic Obama = My Favorite Obama. Also, Can Someone Please Make WWKD (What Would Kamala Do) Bracelets Pls?

Mein liebchens! I must admit, I haven’t been watching as much of the virtual DNC as I probably should, considering I care a great deal about how this election in November turns out / I am here for the set choices these politicians are making for their speeches (we stan Sen. Warren’s staff for their easter eggs.) 

But like so many elements of our current political cycle, I’ve been avoiding getting too far down the election observation rabbit hole in fear of losing my soul to Hades or something. There’s so much wrong with the world, and so much at stake, that I’ve become the sort of person who wants to vote and then, as Stephen Colbert said last night, “grab a fifth of Mount Gay and black out until the votes are counted,”—don’t worry, you know it would be more like eat cannabis rice crispy squares, re-bingewatch Criminal Minds and go down a true crime Wikipedia hole until the sun comes up on a new administration.

But holy hell, if you didn’t watch Obama’s speech, you must, if only to take some of that existential dread and funnel it into action (and while you’re at it, go back and watch when Obama surprised Biden with the Medal of Freedom and have a good ugly cry at how two men of character and goodness served our country as friends.)

And you should watch Sen. Harris’s nomination acceptance as preview for how she will support Biden as he supported Obama, with honesty and integrity and grit, and see how she’s going to handle Pence during those debates. 

So what are you doing this weekend to fight for democracy?


Y’all are great. Be kind to yourselves, and don’t forget to buy your tickets for Odd Salon next week!

Xoxo Amy