Flaming Rabbits of the Apocalypse: Good Band Name, or BEST Band Name?

My dearests, happy Wednesday. I have to start with an actual headline, in 2018: Neo-Nazi California Senate Candidate Barred From State Republican Party Convention. And hey, wanna freak out a wee bit? Of course you do! That anti-Semitic Golden State goblin is polling second behind Sen. Feinstein’s 21 pt lead (SurveyUSA.) Which means that if the liberal vote splits across the large slate of Dem Senate candidates, Sen. Feinstein may be on the ballot against this David Duke-endorsed mole person. Oh but hey, we shouldn’t worry about a racist doofus going up against the most qualified/accomplished/badass woman - nay, human - in a head to head race. What could happen?

Meanwhile, in Canada: Flaming rabbit blamed for sparking Saskatchewan wildfire (thx to our intrepid tipster, my Mum.)

As The Outline points out, when it comes to cannabis, “corporate beneficiaries are largely white, wealthy, and male, while those who continue to suffer from its criminalization are largely low-income people of color.” Which is why organizations dedicated to diversifying cannabis corporate culture and leadership are gaining attention and power, with the goal of increasing the number of people of color in leadership, as well as helping those previously incarcerated gain access to this (profitable) industry.

And finally, the most important news item of the day, hands down: Why Google docs is gaslighting everyone about spelling: an investigation.