Flat Circle Photography, And Other Businesses I'll Start After All This Is Done And Gone.

Hello my darlings! While I considered embarking on our normal course of Missive this morning, I spent last night playing guitar and editing photos from my hike in the Presidio, and now I want to share those photos with you.

On Saturday, after spending all week cooped up in my apartment like the rest of the Bay Area / world, I had to get out and walk around. But since I had to remain relatively connect because of work, I decided to re-explore the federal park my parents and I had explored merely weeks before (remember: quaran-time = flat circle.) And I brought my camera. 

And what I noticed was that without the cars and crowds (though I will say that certain groups of people need to learn to hike single file, lest I need to throw myself into a eucalyptus grove to maintain proper physical distancing,) the Presidio exists in a bygone time. So I brought my camera on my hike with the express purpose of capturing 2020 in fully 1940s-style b+w, like the last time we were all mobilized to fight an existential enemy. 

And it reminded me just how beautiful my city can be.

Anyhoo, here they are! I hope you enjoy.

Nice of you to make it this far :) Be kind to yourself, mmmkay?

xoxo Amy