Fun Stuff: Tex Mex, Weird Gov Twitter, I <3 The Lonely Island

Howdy, darlings! Today’s missive is dedicated to the lighter side of now, considering I received gently delivered feedback that recently the Missives have been, how do you say, absolutely depressing and holy shit, everything’s on fire. Thank you honey for pointing out that maybe folks need some LOLs with their morning coffee, and not just existential dread since we elected a monster and oh crap, here I go again...

ALL HAIL TEX-MEX FOOD, which is not Mexican food but is still damned good in its own right.

Friend of the Missive Aaron S. pointed out that whoever is in charge of the Consumer Product Safety Commission twitter account is a delightful freak in many wonderful ways. Case in point:

Our new self-driving era will be defined by grumpy pedestrians slapping the crap out of cars.

Racked delves into the culture of nudity by heading to a retreat in the woods, and let me tell you that first paragraph is probably not something to read at your office computer, lest you guffaw coffee all over your second monitor and melt into the floor from embarrassment.

And finally, in that conversation re: providing a bit of levity to this humble newsletter, husband provided the following, and it is amazing: The Lonely Island wrote a song for the Oscars that was deemed “financially and logistically impossible” and you must listen to it now.

Have I told you lately that I love you? I do!