Get Yer Kindle Out, Here Come Some Long Reads

Happy Friday, darlings! Here are a few long-reads to get you through the weekend. See you Monday!

Anyone who’s read chemist and Holocaust surviver Primo Levi in any capacity knows the depth of his wisdom and morality balanced his horrific experiences in Auschwitz; his examination of the language of evil and the fallibility of memory in his collection of essays The Drowned and the Saved remains one of the more devastating meditations on humanity and its “gray zones." On the release of The Complete Works of Primo Levi, The Atlantic examines why his writing survives.

Immigration is a complex, multifaceted human issue that is more often than not boiled down to canned talking points serving either side. In a meticulously researched and argued piece, BuzzFeed News looks at instances of impropriety that makes true some inflammatory rhetoric, alleging that some US employers are using immigration programs like the W-2 guest worker visa to employ immigrants at the expense of willing and able Americans.

After the clicks wane and the pre-roll ads slow to a stop, what happens to the human subjects of Internet Fame? New York Magazine checks in.

Wanna be a good boss? Be honest, be direct, tell your employees when they screw up. First Round looks at why “radical candor” - challenging directly while caring personally - may be the secret to productive and happy teams. From the piece: "If you can't offer radical candor, the second best thing you can do is be an asshole."

And finally, this isn’t a long read per se, but if you’re interested in Republican Lindsay Graham slapping the 2016 primary right in the face, watch his speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition now. Key quotes include “How are you going to bring us together if your whole career has been about dividing us?” and “I am tired of that crap.” For rubbing his eyes, looking around, and realizing that all of this hate and anger is actually real, Lindsay Graham, I salute you.

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