Gimme All Your Loving, But Also Your $$$ To Help Keep An Organization I Adore Alive.

Darlings! I come to you today, hat in hand, to ask you to support an organization so near and dear to my heart: Odd Salon - and once again, I am putting up my own $$$ to make that support happen.

Over the next two weeks, Odd Salon is embarking on our yearly fundraising campaign, and as the title of the fundraiser suggests, it’s a critical one: Odd Salon 2021 Survival Fund. As you know, it’s plenty hard to keep an organization dedicated to IRL nerdery alive when, you know, we can’t gather in person. We’ve embarked on our “Shorts” programming via ze interwebs and have done our best to keep this community going and vibrant, but without ticket sales, we couldn’t have made it through 2020 without the funds we raised during our last fundraising drive. Yes, your generosity last year is what allowed us to survive the 2020 garbage fire. We need your help again.

And to prove that I am in it with all of you, I will once again match all donations to my fundraiser up to $1,000 total. So if you want to help ensure that live performance organizations like ours remain in San Francisco and can jump back on stage once we attempt to return to normal, please give generously and I will match you for it.


Thanks again for your generosity. And be kind to each other, mmmkay?

Xoxo Amy