Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due... At The End Of The World

Fun fact I learned this weekend: America’s first female mayor was elected 130 years ago. Men nominated her as a cruel joke. COOLCOOLCOOL lolsob.


I was listening to Slate’s Political Gabfest while making my coffee this morning, and obviously the hosts had Comey on the mind. During the discussion, guest, former presidential candidate and human I’ll most likely follow in the upcoming zombie apocalypse Evan McMullin noted that he thinks the Comey firing may be an inflection point, as evidenced by a tweet storm post-firing from freshman Representative Mike Gallagher (R) of Wisconsin on the importance of a full and independent investigation into Russian interference in the election.

Full disclosure: I went to college with Rep. Gallagher and we have many mutual friends. And while I was hellllllla NOT pleased with Gallagher’s vote on Trumpcare, I was previously impressed by his floor speech on Russia. But yea, I disagree with him on a fuck ton of stuff.

The point McMullin was making was that, while it’s easy for more-senior members of the House and even newbie junior senators to make a strong statement out of party lockstep, a freshman congressman doing so is significant.

Especially with 2018 looming, credit should be given with credit is due. And in a partisan Washington, in a Republican party in the grips of existential crisis, I hope that Rep. Gallagher continues to develop his own authentic voice.