Going For Gold In The Basement Quarantine Olympics

Mein Leibchens! ’Tis a quick one today as before work I need to embark on my basement activity regime, which involves yoga and walking on the treadmill whilst watching The Alienist, like any normal human who enjoys strolling to fin de siécle serial killer series. I’m aiming to having 10,000 steps a day despite being confined to these rooms, because if we’re not quantifying our quarantine in 2020, are we even really living?

So many thanks to everyone who donated to my Odd Salon fundraiser - Missive readers and friends raised $2,000, funds that will go towards keeping our wee performing arts organization afloat over the next year. Odd Salon is still raising money for our stretch goal of $25K total, so screw it, let’s see if we can get to $3,000 by the end of the year! And yes, I have already mailed in the $1,000 match I promised, y’all sure showed me, for two years in a row.


Be kind to each other, and wear those masks, Bitte!

xoxo Amy