Grillable Meats and True Crime Podcasts

Good morning, poppets! As we edge tantalizingly close to the Labor Day long weekend (to those Canadians asking, yes, it's a holiday in the US as well,) and you’ve stocked up on sunscreen and grillable meat products, I’m assuming that you’re planning your days off as I am: spending time at home reading /r/CrappyDesign on Reddit and binge-listening to the Sword and Scale true crime podcast. I’m sure 14-year-old-me would think 32-year-old-me is adulting like a boss. Pretty awesome. Yep.

Bloomberg’s editorial board called for more public wifi as a means of solving the broadband divide.

Also, if you haven’t received the latest Millennial Newsletter, be sure to read it ASAP to ensure you sign up for landline service and study up at the American Ferret Association Inc.

That’s it, that’s all this morning. I hope you all know how much I love to get to share a morning coffee with you. And how awesome I think each of you is 😃

Yours always,