Guys, Amelia Earhart had a clothing line...

Before we wade into the detritus, I really didn’t mean to turn this newsletter into a Racked fan zine, but holy hell you all need to check out these new pieces they’ve published recently. Some seriously good shit.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed wrote about the gentleman who’s been funding the extreme and racist right for decades and hit the jackpot with Trump’s win. In internet parlance, he seems nice. Sigh.

ICYMI, at the annual Jamboree, The President of the United States of America had Boy Scouts boo Hillary Clinton and Obamacare, and then talked about his electoral college win for the kabillionth time. New York Magazine has a helpful list of the worst parts of it in case you need a reminder that the world is garbage.

Oh wait, I’m sorry, I’m getting something from our producer [mimes checking ear piece] that the same President of the United States reinstated the ban on transgender soldiers in the military? Via Twitter? Cool cool cool cool cool.

And don't even get me started on healthcare. Don't even.

Darlings, I had to dig back in the gif vault to find something to add some levity to our Wednesdays.