Hello Darkness, My Old Friend I Just Can't Seem To Convince To Take One Darned Week Off, Come On Now!

My darlings! How are we doing? Are we staying safe and sane? Not going to lie, my initial relaxation and relief from Saturday’s celebrations has given way to fear and dread as GOP operatives around the country try and sue Trump’s way to a second term, Republican politicians play footsy with a constitutional crisis, and the Trump-appointed administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA) refuses to turn over the keys to the castle (and funding, and access to security briefings!) that an acknowledgment of a Biden win would give the President-elect’s transition team. Oh yea, that existential anxiety is back, baby!


Y’all are delightful. Keep sending me those puppy and kitty photos, my brain needs a salve this morning. Be kind to each other, and wear a darned mask, please.

Xoxo Amy