Hello From The Other Side (Of a Cold)

Dearests! I’ve contracted whatever fall cold plague is haunting San Francisco, so if anyone is looking for me, I’m working from home, barricaded on the couch with a pile of tissues and all of the ginger tea I can humanly inject into my coughing body. If you’ve ever wanted to repay any kindness I’ve ever bestowed upon you, at any point ever, I will take payment in good, good chicken broth.

Let’s do this!

Fuck Bill Cosby. And fuck his publicist who likened his trial to the persecution of Jesus.

Loved this tweet storm from David Rothkopf on what he refers to as “Asshole Culture,” which starts with “Asshole Culture has carved out a very clear, unsavory role in American film, literature and life. Entitled, wealthy, bros who take what they want, treat everyone around them like shit and then rise to positions of power is practically a cliche it's so common.”

But don’t worry friends, The Patriarchy Will Always Have Its Revenge. As Jennifer Weiner enumerates, “… I am angry. I’m beyond angry.”

Wondering why you sometimes get the weirdest / scariest shit suggested to you whilst bingewatching personally-important 90s rock music videos? Well, over at Vox, Exra Klein did a deep dive on how YouTube’s algorithms and business models are driving the development of a weird reactionary right, ready to be devoured by the millennial viewing classes. Man, I sometimes feel like someone got a hold of the cheat codes for Civilization: Dystopia, and is just rocketing through the final levels (Note to self: learn how video games work.)

And finally, over at McSweeney’s: Myths About Your Thirties: Debunked.

Toodles, my poodles. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy