Here’s to Slow News Days 🤢🤮

My friends, yesterday was a firehose of insanity. While at Odd Salon last night, I had a few folks come up to me and remark on how much I would have to write about today. Because, as Vox so lovingly lists out, so very many things went down Tuesday, August 21st.

Yesterday was BONKERS. As Lawfare points out, “In the history of the American republic, there has never before been a single hour in which, in two separate courts, in cases prosecuted by two separate offices, a president’s former campaign manager and his former lawyer simultaneously joined his former national security adviser as felons—and one of them implicated the president in criminal activity.”

BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Frankly, I have no fucking clue because this timeline is incomprehensible, without a moral structure from which to judge.

But guess what? None of this madness matters if Congress keeps sitting on its hands and looking the other way. So are you registered to vote? Can you make sure five of your friends are registered to vote? GO DO THAT NOW.