Hey You, Smile More!

Good morning! Now that I’ve simmered my rage over the fact that we live in a world where male members of the media tell our female democratic front runner to “smile more,” here are some headlines to get you going today.*

Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions wants Congress to declare magic a national treasure (Dallas Morning News)

Click at your own peril: Here’s What Trump Supporters Believe Will Happen If He Doesn’t Win (BuzzFeed)

The Catfishing Reporter Keeping the Dream of Romney 2016 Alive (Independent Journal)

Donald Trump Warns There Could Be Riots If He Isn't GOP Nominee (Huffington Post)

Northern California highway dissolves after heavy rains (SFGate)

Annnnnnd headline NSFW: Eagerly We Await the Coming of the Sex Robots (Vice OBVIOUSLY)

*and can I add one thing on this “smile more” BS? For those of you who’ve met me in person, you know that to the chagrin of some, my default facial expression is a grin 90% of the time. I’ve been told in reviews much of my professional life that I have to be careful of when I am not smiling, as it has a negative impact on other people in the room. And while I understand that one can only control one’s own demeanor in a situation, and that many situations are much improved by an infectious smile, I spent much of my twenties trying to constantly find the positive in a situation and entertain everyone else, while suppressing my own ability to constructively criticize. This is a common story amongst young professionals I know. So I have a homework assignment to those who read this far in the Missive, women and men alike: send me your stories of when you’ve been told to smile, by colleagues, friends or strangers alike. I will keep them anonymous if asked, but I may share them here.