Hospitable Security Sweeps, VC Learningz, Dumb Presidential Photo-Ops

Darlings! Fogust is in full swing here in San Francisco, and I am happy to report that Karl himself lingers over our fair city. And as much as I hope I am the only morning tech-ish newsletter you rely on to prepare for your very important business jobs (please clap), I have to recommend the Crunchbase Daily, and really anything Crunchbase News is writing about right now. Helmed by Friend of the Missive and quite delightful dude Alex Wilhelm, Crunchbase News is a go-to resource for understanding all things funding and VC and everyday helps me look like I know what I’m doing when it comes to the massive amounts of cash being passed about this town. Alex’s team is amazing, the art is amazing, everything’s amazing. So go read them, stat!

Speaking of Friends of the Missive, The Parallax’s Seth Rosenblatt published a disquieting piece on how, in the wake of the horrific gun massacre last year, some Las Vegas hotels are doing unannounced room “security” sweeps in guest rooms as often as once a day. Which is highly ironic, don't you think, when some of those aforementioned hotels are hosting renowned cybersecurity conferences Black Hat and DefCon, events known for their privacy-vigilant attendees. Some of the stories he reports on include security personnel entering without knocking while a female guest was in the shower, a guest locked out of his room when lock-picking paraphernalia was found, and threats of escalation to management if guests did not let security in. I know I’ve got an interesting combo of travel writers and privacy lawyers as subscribers: what do y’all think about this new development? Are you more or less likely to head on out to Las Vegas on vacay and/or work?

Speaking of Seths, Seth Rogen did generic subway etiquette voiceovers for the Toronto and Vancouver public transit systems, and IMHO they are goddamned glorious.

Speaking of societal norms I really we didn’t have to remind people about, no, Trump did not do a photo op with neo-Nazi bikers. BUT The President of the United States DID do a photo op with a guy wearing an “I love guns and titties” badge. Which is just super, and isn’t getting any press because it’s the least crazy thing that’s happened this week. Sigh.

And finally, speaking of animals because why the hell not, this is MY morning newsletter dammit, as a devoted reader of The Missive, you’re already super hipster for this fad: This Year’s Hottest Cultural Trend is Goats.

I love you all. Be kind to each other, why don't you?

xoxo Amy