How Can One Tell If Neighborhood Birds Are Plotting Chaos? Asking For A Friend.

Dearests! I wish I had a better excuse for missing yesterday’s Missive, but the truth is that I forgot to set my alarm, so by the time I woke up, coffee wasn’t even in the cards, let alone wading into the internet. And fun fact! The only reason I wasn’t late for work is because I have the smart lights in my apartment set on a morning and evening schedule, so thank YOU future-sentient lighting robot overlords from preventing me from missing work.

But when I did log on yesterday, I had a lovely surprise: The Missive was included in a list of what editors and writers at The Next Web “loved last week”. Which is really heckin’ cool because I’ve been reading TNW since I started working in tech ten years ago, and the last great review I got was from my Dad, who is very happy I stopped cursing as much as I used to.

BRB, adding "perfectly ranty" to my LinkedIn profile.


Y’all are just great. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy