Hysterics, Dogs on Caftans, Leslie Jones is the GD Best.

I’m sure none of you are surprised to know that I HAVE OPINIONS on that Google engineer, and the anti-diversity screed that got him fired from the tech giant. And before anyone tries to “actually” anyone on whether an at-will employee has the right to tell an entire section of his colleagues that they are biologically and socially unfit to do their jobs, therefore creating an awful working environment and cycle upon negative press cycle that only compounds said company’s reputation for gender pay discrimination against half of the gall-darned human race, to which the US Labor Department was like nah, let’s remember that workers at private companies have been fired for a hell of a lot less. Or you know, not hired! For “culture fit” reasons!!!

So yea, I agree with Google’s decision to let him go, if only because I don’t think Big Head’s roof-top coding crew in Silicon Valley is a real thing. And I hope that the Alt-Right enjoys AskJeeves or whatever else they have to use when they boycott search engines from companies with internal diversity programs.

But let’s have McSweeney’s play us off on this one: “I’m A Google Manufacturing Robot And I Believe Humans Are Biologically Unfit To Have Jobs In Tech”

And as a woman who’d totally have been dubbed a hysteric - or a witch!! - in times of yore, I’ll toss this final point in: Men Have Always Used 'Science' to Explain Why They're Better Than Women.

In other news, kudos to Mic for covering how “About 90% of US House members don’t pay their interns.” An internship on the Hill is a door-opening opportunity for young people to get involved in public policy, and if these opportunities are unpaid, it means that only those who can cover a summer’s worth of expenses in D.C. can do it. So either your parents cover you, you spend your time and energy in school finding scholarships or sponsorships, or you’re SOL. Why is this bad? Because as Mic points out, “When only those who can afford to work for free get to learn the inner ropes of government, government works better for those privileged groups.”

Can someone just buy me a caftan with pictures of my dogs on it, already?

And finally, Leslie Jones watching Game of Thrones is my everything.

Hugs and kisses, my friends :)