I Am Here For Millennial Re-Imaginings Of Gothic Poetry, And Only Millennial Re-Imaginings Of Gothic Poetry.

Buddies! It’s Wednesday and I am running on low sleep and the below is probably pretty punchy, so bear with the insanity. Also, I had to google “bear with me” to make sure I wasn’t pulling a “here, here!” as I did once on twitter and got taken to school for. And when I did google bear with me, I got this result… google, u ok?

But first, next Tuesday November 5th, I curate and host Odd Salon HERO at Public Works in San Francisco! Join me and merry band of nerds Rebecca Power, Zach Fish, Isolde Honoré, Michael Sollazzo, Schuyler Erle and Steen Comer as they tell stories of Nazis vs. Witches, sword master lessons, a WWI top dog (of course there’s a dog story in my curation, COME AT ME) a badass botanist, a very young man at war, and antiheroes in comics. I’d love love love to see you there. So get you some tickets, mmmkay?


  • Are online supporters of vaping mostly bots? “Public health officials… are suspicious that the vaping industry, backed by Big Tobacco, is using shady marketing tactics to sway public opinion with misinformation about the dangers of nicotine”

  • If you spend any time following the media industry and/or follow journalists on twitter, beloved rabble-rouser and only sports ball site you’ll EVER find me on Deadspin is on its last legs after their new owners told them to “stick to sports” and their editor, well, didn’t. And was fired. (RIP all of their amazing political coverage, their breakdown of Gamergate that basically foretold the 2016 election, and Albert Burneko slash Drew Magery’s delightful Foodspin slash Adequate Man cooking slash living chronicles.) And in response, the amazing Deadspin editorial team is burning the house down around them with amazing pieces like, as Friend of the Missive David sent in, Three Good Dogs I Met.

  • Like, I didn’t even realize I had this Drew Magery piece already saved for today’s Missive, but here we are! You’re Goddamn Right It’s Layering Season.

  • And finally, thank you FotM Adam for sharing a painfully-on-brand-for-me McSweeney’s piece: The Millennial Raven. I live for this line: “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there hungry, fearing, / Doubting, dreaming dreams of sushi like some Netflix doc of yore;”

Y’all are delightful and I like you. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy