I Am Someone Who Reads Longform WWII Biographies For Funzies, But I Am Not Too Proud To Admit That I Was SHOOK By The F Boy Island Finale. 

Mes chéris! This week seemed extra long for some reason, so I am so very very glad we’re all able to do the best we can to wrap up our work, schedule out our relaxation (or am I the only one who uses her calendar on the weekends? SCHEDULES RELAX ME, MMMKAY) and decide what we’re going to do to get away from screens this weekend. I know personally I am looking forward to yoga, an urban hike, sitting in the park, and cooking. And if anyone in the Bay Area is looking to sit in a park, let me know! Perhaps an impromptu gathering in Dolores is in order…

And hey, for those in San Francisco: a reminder that the SF vaccine mandate goes into effect TODAY for indoor services, including “gyms, restaurants, clubs, theaters and other types of “high-contact indoor sectors,” within city limits.” And of course y’all know my reaction to that: GOOD.

Let’s get to those long reads!

Stephen King, Skeleton Crew - The world is on fire, and no one can save me but Stephen King novellas read in a park this weekend.

Greg Keraghosian, America's 'best known and best loved' chef ran a world-famous Armenian restaurant in San Francisco (SFGate) - This story about a survivor of the Armenian genocide who went on to become a chef who won the Presidential Medal of Freedom is lovely, detailing the those who followed in his footsteps and the legacy he left in this city. Also, a reminder that if you do not know anything about the Armenian genocide, I suggest you read The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America's Response , which Greg actually recommended to me - it’s brutal and the subject matter is horrific, please note, but it illuminated a time in history I knew nothing about, despite studying other genocides in college.

Anne Applebaum, Liberal Democracy Is Worth a Fight (The Atlantic) - I haven’t read this yet, but I am looking forward to / dreading the emotional impact of doing so.

Jay Reeves, Gulf Coast’s beloved ‘Redneck Riviera’ now a virus hotspot (Associated Press) - Living firmly—and happily!—in the SF bubble, I am back to near-constant indoor masking, a vaccine to get into my yoga studio (shout out to Danni Pomplun at HAUM SF for doing that before it was mandated!) and a definite curtailment of activity that could lead to Delta exposure. So it’s fascinating/scary to read how people in other parts of the country are behaving, especially knowing the surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Timothy Bella, An Alabama doctor watched patients reject the coronavirus vaccine. Now he’s refusing to treat them. (The Washington Post) - Relevant to our interests as outlined above.

It’s almost the weekend, my lovelies - turn off your notifications if you can, grab an excellent book of your choice, and let your brain rest, why don’t you? Be kind to yourself.

Xoxo Amy