I Am The Brick Tamland Of Subject Line Writing (And Yes, I Really Love Lamp.)

Sweeties! I know I recycle terms of endearment at the top of this here every morning(ish) newsletter, but there’s only so many ways I can address you with affection while being appropriate and not creepy. So if you have other terms of endearment you think I should take for a spin, please let me know!

And do you have anyone in your life that could use an every morning(ish) dose of news(ish), laughs(ish) and general musings(ish)? I love having new people send me the articles that are making you smile and/or scream at your phone. 

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Y’all are lovely! Have you had any water yet this morning? Might I suggest a five minute meditation? And don’t forget to stand up and stretch between calls, ok? Be kind to yourself.

xoxo Amy