I Crave The Day We Go 24 Hours Without Thinking About Bat-Poop Crazy Politics.

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Good morning, my darlings. The past week has been the longest decade in world history and I cannot even seem to remember the majority of insane things that have gone down. On my family call, either my Mum or my Auntie Lou told me to read Jane Mayer of The New Yorker’s blistering account of Trump large adult son Jr’s girlfriend and current fundraiser (and former wife of CA Gov Gavin Newsom, because this timeline is just the absolute weirdest) Kimberly Guilfoyle and her alleged abuses at Fox News. I HADN’T EVEN HEARD OF IT despite listening to four (count ‘em! Four!) political podcasts on my Saturday walk. That’s our current news environment. That’s how much insanity is going on right now that we don’t have bandwidth to read about how a potential Trump in-law (allegedly) sexually harassed her assistant to the point that they were (allegedly) paid out by the Fox News creeper slush fund. And yes, to those annoying voices a couple of years ago who said “well, women can be abusers too!” YES. WE KNOW. AND THEY SHOULD BE REVEALED AND DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY. They should be cancelled and punished alongside the dudes. We toss predatory people to the wind, no matter their gender, mmmkay?

Speaking of whatever-the-heck is happening now, our favorite ex-GOP rabble rouser Rick Wilson has an excellent piece on the MAGA crowd’s sudden discovery of morals and decency now that their dear leader is ill. I highly suggest you read “The ‘[Heck] Your Feelings’ Crowd Wants a Pity Party for Trump” (note: NSFW language, obvi. Yes, I edited the f word out for you, for I AM A LADY) because Wilson is just SO good at rooting out and flaying hypocrisy and cravenness and absolute lunacy.

So what else is going on?

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28 days. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Volunteer like your life depends on it. And be kind to yourselves, ok? 

xoxo Amy