I Didn't Want To Write Another Hacky Subject Line About How I Can't Write Subject Lines, But Avoiding It Just Wasn't In The Cards This Morning.

My dearests! Last night, I happily got my political nerd on and attended a Recode Decode recording at Manny’s in San Francisco, in which Kara Swisher interviewed Representative Lauren Underwood (D-IL). Underwood is running for reelection in her swing district; her description and defense of a moderate approach to serving her constituents across the aisle while she sat in our ultra-liberal city was amazing. For instance, she had a few choice words for how the Dem primary is landing in her district, stating “The candidates [for president] should be talking about things that normal people care about... And if they know they can’t win, they should drop out... it’s too important.” Underwood has a very tough fight ahead of her, and her seat is a must-hold if Democrats want to keep the House in 2020. Last night, she mentioned how many millions of dollars she’ll need to do so, and this SF crowd, not unfamiliar with insane fundraising numbers, gasped. So why don’t you send a couple of dollars her way?


Oh how I like you. Be kind to each other, eh?
xoxo Amy