I Don’t Do Resolutions. I Do Arya Stark-Style Revenge Lists, Only With Less Death And More Aspiring To Live Splendidly.

My darlings! 2020 is over and not a moment too soon. And while a friend pointed out that I was too irrationally excited for 2021 and was worried I was going to be let down hard, I reminded him I have no delusions that this year will be any better than the last (hello the confirmation of Biden’s win by Congress this week, OY) but that I am just grateful to mark the passing of time. Because as the viral Tik Tok song goes, “lowkey F*ck 2020” (content warning for swear words and other naughtiness).

So as you brush off the dust and climb back into your work sweatpants after either a long weekend or a couple of weeks off, or maybe no time off, who knows, here’s some stuff to read, some of which you may have already read because time is a flat circle and I’m behind on my Instapaper queue. So let’s read some stuff on the internet, shall we? 

  • “If the pandemic undid three decades of progress on gender equality, one has to wonder: How real was that progress in the first place?”. I audibly gasped at the line “Mothers themselves were the backup system” while the piece discusses how “Isolating women from larger social communities has historically been a surefire way to disempower them, and Covid-19 has imposed one of the longest periods in modern history of prolonged, social isolation.”

  • My married friends sometimes ask me what it’s like being divorced and single at my age and dating, to which I always add “AND SOBER, DON’T FORGET I’M SOBER.” Now I can send them this article.

  • POLITICO’s article on the worst predications of 2020 is CHEF’S KISS. 

  • Communicating public health emergencies in the age of disinformation and willful, destructive ignorance is so hard, so the LA Public Health Department cut to the chase and tweeted about a death every ten minutes, the rate of COVID mortality in Los Angeles county. 

  • I got myself a sous vide machine for Christmas, so it is now my personality and literally everything I talk about, and I will be making these chicken thighs until the day you pry my Anova out of my dead hands. 

  • Mum of the Missive would like to inform you all that goats can be trained to carry packs for backpackers. I would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT go on a goat backpacking trip, sign me up right the heck now.

  • And finally, go look at these gorgeous pictures of waves, why don’t you?

Happy to see you again. Be safe, stay masked, and be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy