I Have Introduced Myself To One Of The Dogs In My Building, And Can Remember Her Name But Not Her Owner's. Please Clap, And Pray For My Post-COVID Social Skills.

I have meetings starting shortly, so I don’t have time to wax philosophically on the below reading material, but I WILL tell you how freaking grateful I am that the Government of Alberta is now saying that people between the ages of 65-74 will soon be able to get the vaccine. The fact that my parents and Alberta-based family are getting that much closer to vaccination makes me so so so so happy (Hey BC, please get on it as well, kthxbai). The second Mum and Dad get those shots, I’m going to have a million pounds off my shoulder. Thank goodness for modern medicine, research and medical practitioners.

But don’t think that warm glow of faith in humanity lasted long, because then I read this piece my Mum sent me in the same conversation: GOP Rejects Childcare Money in Idaho for Very Modern Reason: Moms Should Stay Home (Vice). My apologies to my new neighbors for any ruckus I cause by screaming into the void for an hour this morning.


Mat Honan, A note from San Francisco (Notes From California) - Nothing has been able to capture the fierce love I have for this challenging and weird city I’ve adopted as home, and I found myself violently nodding along with so many parts of this.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud, Why Jonah Hill’s Response To His Paparazzi Photos Is Radical (Buzzfeed News) - Body shaming sucks. Men, women, young, old, STOP COMMENTING ON PEOPLE’S BODIES. Just. Stop. And good for Hill for getting where he needs to be in his own way.

Ryan Brooks and Amber Jamieson, CrossFit Is Finally Fed Up With Marjorie Taylor Greene (BuzzFeed News) - What can I say, BuzzFeed News can a great long reads week! And this story portrays a corporate communications I bet none of us ever thought we’d be reading about mere years ago.

Olivia Troye, Mike Pence Can’t Walk Away from the Big Lie (The Bulwark) - Just… wow.

Ed Cara, Microdosing Benefits Might Be Largely Placebo, Experimental Study Suggests (Gizmodo) - Have to jump in and say that a placebo effect is still an effect, but I’m glad we’re starting to see more concrete research done on these topics.

Glad Edelman, Fake News Gets More Engagement on Facebook—But Only If It's Right-Wing (WIRED) - Episode trillion of “hoo boy, we are so screwed.”

You’re lovely! Stay safe, stay kind to each other, get some rest this weekend.

xoxo, Amy