I Know I've Made Love Language Jokes In This Here Subject Line Before, But Mine Has Shifted To Getting "OMG, This Dog Tik Tok Made Me Think Of You" Texts.

Dearests! We’re nearing the end of this week and I just wanted to check in - have you left your apartment in the last few days? When was the last time you got up and stretched? Have you scheduled a few breaks into your morning? You know these questions are as much for me as they are for you *frantically schedules a lunch break.*

On a very fun note, wanted to share that I had the pleasure of being a guest on TechCrunch’s Equity podcast to talk about all things PR and journalism in 2021. Hosted by Friends of the Missive Alex Wilhelm and Natasha Mascarenhas, I was joined by fellow comms pros Kelsey Cheng and Creighton Vance to discuss the tensions between our two camps, what exactly we do all day long, and how we can all play better in the sandbox together. Thank you producer extraordinaire Christopher Gates for the invite and for making us all sound good. Go listen!


  • Anne Helen Petersen so often captures the unique ennui of elder millennial existence, but her latest newsletter hits hard, describing the knife’s edge we’re all on right now when it comes to attempting to re-enter society while still being expected to maintain all of the complications of the pandemic, while looking over our collective shoulder at the incoming Delta wave. This line just got me: “…we’re just softly boiling over, emptying and evaporating whatever stores of energy and patience and grace remain”. (Culture Study)

  • Let me tell you, I see so much of myself in the anxiety, fear and sheer exhaustion documented in this Washington Post piece, Vaxed, waxed, but definitely not relaxed: Welcome to the pandemic swerve. Tag yourself, I’m the dilemma prisoner writing a strongly-worded note to selfish jerks who pretended this pandemic wasn’t real.

  • So there’re many reasons I’ve never shopped at a Hobby Lobby, one being I am the least crafty person anyone has ever met and have nothing I need from that store, the main one being they took a case to the Supreme Court because they didn’t want to pay for insurance for their employees if said insurance covered birth control - and won!  Another reason I despise that store is that the family behind Hobby Lobby smuggled 12,000 historical artifacts from Iraq into the country for their Museum of the Bible and were fined $3 million for doing so. Well, those artifacts have returned to their home country! Iraq Reclaims 17,000 Looted Artifacts, Its Biggest-Ever Repatriation (The New York Times

You’re swell. Wear fanciest mask, polish off that vax card, be kind to yourself and safely go toe-to-toe with the day - you’ve got this!

xoxo Amy