🎵I'll Be Theeeeee-rrrreee... I'll Be Theeeeeeee-rrrrre... 🎵

Good morning, my doves! I was going to try and weave in a few delightful bon mots about existence into this here header, but instead I stared at my coffee mug for a bit plotting how I plan on waging total war on the gnats that have taken up residence in my snake plant soil. And since I’m sure that’s exactly the type of stellar #content you keep opening this email to read, here’s a gif of an otter rubbing its butt on a window.

Friend of the Missive Adam sent in this *chef’s kiss* perfect material for your brain cameras this morning, pointing out how peak 2019 it is to find out that that certain American corporations, who’ve to this point been able to feign ignorance and/or behave boorishly when it comes to polluting and climate change, are now suddenly figuring out how to weather (ha, lol) and potentially profit off of our precarious planetary present. As Adam points out, WE SEE YOU, CAPITALISM.

Beloved Democratic rabble rouser and personal style icon Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that AI technology and algorithms can be racist. A reporter mocked her for not understanding technology, because he claims it is “driven by math.” To which a metric sh!t tonne of technology reporters were like UM YAH THIS HERE BIASED BS IS REAL. Which of course then led to a really great Vox explainer on said biases of artificial intelligence. Remember, my darlings: technology is made by humans, and humans are both great and terrible, and therefore technology is built on both great and terrible biases.

Speaking of Vox, there’s a poignant piece on why we lose friends into adulthood, and let's just say it hit me right in the feels. It examines how dedicating time and effort to our relationships is all that matters, and how not showing up for our friends speaks a heck of a lot louder than what we say to each other. How when stuff hits the fan as adults, we remember and cherish those who actually freaking show up. I still remember each and every person who visited me, or called, or sent care packages when I broke my leg years ago, and I know that my relationships with those people deepened as a result. I also know who I’ve personally flaked on in recent years, or didn’t show up for, and know that my relationships with those friends have wilted as a result. I’m trying to be better.

And finally, McSweeney’s sees you, friends: How To Have A Mental Breakdown In An Open Concept Office.

Be kind to each other, and to yourselves.

Xoxo Amy