I Spent The Weekend Finishing Assembling My Reading Corner, So If I Go Off Radar, You Know Where To Check First.

’Tis the end of March, and I was reminded this weekend of the panic I felt about a year ago when I read that we might be stuck inside until the end of June. I remember the dread of realizing I wouldn’t be able to be in the same room as my friends and loved ones for a couple of months (HA), the weight of the change we were all about to endure! Now, and I really should write about how profound a shift I’ve had, I very much prefer my own company AND fear having to enter public, go into an office, make in-person small talk, put on real pants without stretch. What a difference a socially-distanced year makes. 


That’s it, that’s all. Be kind to yourself, and keep wearing those masks!
xoxo Amy