I Swear, I’d Be An Absolute Wreck If It Wasn’t For Otter Tik Tok. Which Is A Sentence I Just Wrote. In 2020.

Darlings! I hope your morning is off to a fine start. The air in San Francisco has cleared up slightly, meaning I got to have my windows open yesterday AND I’m going to go for a walk to grab coffee this morning. But air levels in other areas on the West Coast, including major city centers in Oregon, are still at least very unhealthy. So be kind to your friends and colleagues who are still dealing with the fact that on top of needing to isolate because of an international pandemic can now not even go for a walk or sit outside. That’s right, ‘Wildfire Smoke Is Causing A New Public Health Crisis On The West Coast.’

I get sent a lot of links to articles proclaiming Biden’s lead over Trump, and to that I remind you: DON’T LOOK AT THE POLLS. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t get complacent. And if you’re feeling anxiety, shoot me an email because I am leading phone banks every week until the election. Take that nervous energy and transform it alchemy-like into action. If you’ve ever wondered “what would I do if I was faced with an existential threat to society?” well, you’re doing it. That’s now. So write letters, send texts, join a phone bank, call a swing state family member. Do it.


Y’all are lovely. Be kind to each other: wear a mask, and find a phone bank.

xoxo Amy