I Thought Yesterday Was Monday, And Woke Up This Morning Thinking It Was Friday. We're All Doing Our Best, Y'all.

Good morning, my doves! I hope today’s a good one: may your coffee be tasty, your schedule decent, and your workload tackle-able. You’ve got this.


  • I swear to whatever sky deity guides us that if anyone ever tells me that not getting vaccinated is a personal choice and that they should get to do what they want, I will incessantly AirDrop this article onto their iPhones for all eternity: Unvaccinated people don't only risk their own health: Their bodies become 'variant factories' (Insider).

  • Like many, I’ve been following the awful condo collapse in Florida with a deep sadness. As someone who has started thinking “I can’t believe humans like me built this” whenever I drive over the Bay Bridge or any other engineering marvel, the horrific random tragedy of the Champlain Towers crumbling in the middle of the night fuels my own personal fear of aging buildings and infrastructure. But it also makes me marvel at the fact that buildings aren’t falling to the ground every day, and I start to focus on the choices—both active and passive—that potentially led to calamity. The Washington Post spoke with a bunch of structural engineers on how such a catastrophe could occur in a seemingly random building: Video, images and interviews deepen questions about role of pool deck in condo collapse. 

  • Oh yay, another way for the Former Guy to generate headlines: Trump sues Big Tech CEOs (Axios). 

  • Speaking of the Former Guy, does this headline surprise anyone in the slightest? I hope not. Trump told chief of staff Hitler ‘did a lot of good things’, book says (The Guardian) [insert quipily smug statement about how when someone tells you who they are, you should listen to them…]

  • And finally, Friend of the Missive Colin had his short story Solving For Oxygen published on The Molotov Cocktail, and y’all, I insist you read it right now. So, so, so spooky/good.

So deep breaths, darlings. Drink some water, get outside if you are able, and stay safe, ok? 

xoxo, Amy