I've got a job for you...

If you’re an American citizen, can you do one thing for me this morning?


So yea, let’s get to reading.

Twitter account to follow RIGHT NOW: @SickOfWolves

Thing that in no way influenced the instructions above: Trump Jr. acknowledges gas chamber remark as 'poor choice of words, perhaps'

Thing That is Cool but Couldn’t Possibly Go Sideways: The Commission on Presidential Debates will be sourcing questions from Social Media.

Thing That Exists in 2016: On ‘Dr. Oz,’ Trump Offers Placebo Transparency

Nope, no bubble here, nope: former Unicorn media company Mode (nee Glam) shuts down.

And finally, the LOLiest mother / daughter interaction: This Mom & Daughter's Text Thread About Trying To Buy Tampons Is A Drama For The Ages (thank you to all who sent, especially JN!)

I love you guys. I really do.