I welcome our benevolent ArtBot overlords...

I spent the weekend on a three-day Bay Area staycation with my Mum, doing my best to ignore anything that wasn’t feeding my stomach or my brain.

On Friday, we saw the Summer of Love exhibition at the De Young museum in Golden Gate park; the day-glo show posters and embroidered Levis reminded me I need more art in my life. Luckily, rival museum SF MOMA’s got my fix: if you’re in the US, text “Send me (word)” to 572-51 - with a word or emoji of your choice - and the museum’s bot will send you an item from their collection. I texted “Send me smiles” and got the following:

This bot shows off the breadth of SFMOMA’s catalog, and reminded me that my membership there needs renewing. So I assume it’s mission accomplished for the team that designed it.