I Woke Up Before My Alarm This Morning, So I Look Forward To Crashing At The Most Inopportune Time Possible Today #BLESSED

21 days until the election. What are YOU doing to elect Biden/Harris and Democrats down the ballot? Join us for virtual phone banks to swing states every day until the election. Don’t want to phone bank? You can also text bank! Come on y’all, let’s do this!

Good morning, poppets! This week is nutty for me between work projects, captaining phone banks, and trying to remember to eat/drink water/go for walks outside, so Missives will likely be shorter and less rant-y, though now that I’ve typed that, let’s see where the wind takes me.

What’s your voting plan? When are you joining me at the phone bank? Be kind to yourself and democracy and let’s do the work, ok?

xoxo Amy