I won't complain if someone buys me The Doggie Lift.

Happy Monday, fabulous people. The Missive was missing on Friday due to needing to work work work work work before heading up to Bolinas and Guerneville on Friday night for a surprise device-free road trip this weekend. Absolutely needed and appreciated and wonderful.

So there are only two things I want to direct your attention to this morning. First, is a kickstarter for The Doggie Lift, a chin-up bar crossed with a Jolly Jumper, for grooming dogs. If you love yourself, watch the video in full.

And secondly, give last week’s Internet Explorer podcast a listen. While it’s normally predicated on delving into the dank NSFW corners of the interwebs, hosts Katie and Ryan will often take the extra step to find the human behind the meme. They give voice to those we’ve probably laughed at without thinking about the repercussions internet fame can have on normal folks. In this ode to 2010 throwback review episode, they re-visit Jesse Slaughter, and discuss how life changed after the infamous video and subsequent targeting by 4Chan. It’s worth a listen.

Dance it out, darlings!