If It’s Alright With Y’all, I’m Gonna Build A Pillow Fort In My Living Room, Curl Up And Watch Letterkenny Until This Whole “Election” Business Moves Along. J/K, See You At A Phone Bank, My Doves.

13 days until the election - what are YOU doing to help get Biden and Harris into office? We’re hosting virtual phone banks from 10 am - 7 pm every darned day until then - join us and channel that election anxiety into action!

Darlings! It’s Wednesday! And I thought by this point in writing this I’d have some pithy observation about the current state of the world, but alas I am just glaring at my cup of coffee which is now empty and had one job it failed at, which was to give me the mental acuity to write a pithy observation about the current state of the world. Thank you for coming to the opening monologue of my 24-hour-play festival entry.


Pitter patter, my loves, let’s get at ‘er. And by ‘er, I mean voting and volunteering and wearing masks and being kind to each other pretty please.

xoxo Amy