If You Are Interested In Learning About Both Forensic Archaeology AND Dogs Watching Theater, You Might Be A Missive Reader.

My darlings! It’s been a tick since we’ve seen each other. TL;DR I was up in Canada with my family and was unable to access the internet due to recent service shutdowns and protests by the beaver lobby against Moose-led efforts to repeal net neutrality. Ha! Canada telecom joke! Hilarious!

But the internet is still here, and I have half a mind to just write about some of the historical choices taken by Mindhunter Season 2if you’ve listened to the podcast Atlanta Monster, you’l know why—which I naturally bingewatched while up North.

Or I could just write about the “Skeleton Lake” in India that is filled with, wait for it, 500+ MOTHERHECKING SKELETONS. But seriously, read the above article on this here Skeleton Lake, because Friend of the Missive Kate sent it in and hooooo boy, it's exactly what you need if you, like me, are equally obsessed with the macabre AND forensic archeology (this is why I'm single, folks.) Take this sentence: “Since a forest ranger stumbled across the ghostly scene during World War II…” Oh Atlantic article, YOU HAD ME AT “STUMBLED ACROSS THE GHOSTLY SCENE DURING WORLD WAR II…”

But there’s also this, my absolute favorite headline of the week, conveniently attached to a fascinating article: How a Cooling Vest Invented by a Furry Made Its Way Into the U.S. Military. BE STILL MY HUMOR-CONSUMING HEART.

And finally, “A group of service dogs in training took in a performance of Billy Elliot, and charmed the audience and staff” Turns out the very very good pups were participating in a show at the Stratford Festival in Canada, where “they're training to be service dogs, and they're practicing what it's like to help their handlers navigate through a theatre.” <— This is the content we need, not the content we deserve. Another piece of coverage, this one with a *chef's kiss* headline, "Ruff crowd: Here’s why several dogs were watching a musical in Stratford." Adorbs photo below, courtesy of the Stratford Festival, the distribution of which is an example of some simply amazing PR. I salute you, Theatre Publicist!

You’re all lovely. Be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy