If You Open This Email, There's a Picture of a Doggo.

My darlings, I hope your Monday morning is treating you well. I’m happy to report that today we have a guest editor of the Missive, a certain Woodrow “Woody” Cowen, working hard on uncovering the dark money behind the dastardly squirrel lobby.

I LOVE this piece by Catherine Rampell over at WaPo: The GOP is no longer the party of Reagan. It’s the party of Michael Cohen: “…consider the Cohen ­blueprint for achieving the American Dream: Work minimally, if you can, and leverage government connections whenever ­possible.”

This piece by Calgary Herald columnist Don Braid was shared by a few of my friends and family back in Canada. The first meeting of Alberta’s new United Conservative Party - a party reboot to retake provincial power from the leftist New Democrats, who themselves broke decades of Tory rule in a shock election a few years ago - not only included concerns about economic prosperity and the province being left behind, but also “a furious backlash against NDP attempts to level social, gender and minority inequalities in Alberta.” In addition to members of the right wing of the party mocking the half-female Provincial cabinet and attempting to push the abortion issue to the surface through coded language about medical funding, a resolution was passed that would require schools to provide “parental notification if kids join gay-straight alliances.” To my beloved Canadian brethren who didn’t believe me when I said a Trump-like situation can happen in the great white north: it can. So organize, volunteer, vote NOW, before an election outcome forces you to.

This amazing clip of Bill Hader on James Corden revealed that 1) He’s single and 2) he’s a huge true crime fan. So there it is, fellow murderino readers, go out and land that comedic genius!

Sallie Krawcheck states it plainly: #MeToo Isn't Just About an Imbalance of Power. It's About Money.

And finally, Fuck YES Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who “introduced a bill Thursday to place more scrutiny on Border Patrol agents when they stop and question passengers on buses and trains”, requiring them to document every time agents “stop, search or interrogate people.”

I adore you all. Be kind to each other.