If You're Not Deep Into Bratty Huskies Howling Tik Tok, Are You Even In The Pandemic?

Darlings! I hope you’re well, I hope you’re safe, I hope you’ve had the chance to recently enjoy the outdoors to whatever extent you are able. And I hope you’re recognizing that nearly a year in to this nonsense, you are still a resilient badass human who is doing the best they can. And I am right there with you.


  • If you click and read on one thing in this Missive today, please let it be Ellen Cushing’s article Late-Stage Pandemic Is Messing With Your Brain in The Atlantic. I’ve mentioned my recent disconcerting brain fog here, mentioning how I’ve had to start relying on Post-It notes on my wall to help keep my to-do list on track. Cushing goes into her own experience before diving into the science behind how our brains are being shaped by the high-stress monotony of pandemic living. It’s so good.

  • Speaking of brain-warping, I am a massive extrovert - or I should say, I was a massive extrovert before this pandemic. Now, I plan my day around when stores will be the least busy, I go for my weekend walks just after the sun rises to ensure the streets are empty, and I now unconsciously avoid crowded parts of the park. The Goods at Vox explores how ’Crowds might be anxiety-inducing after Covid-19’, speaking with a psychologist about how we will have to cope.

  • Stop whatever you are doing right now and read up on how Seth Rogan’s cannabis company Houseplant (“Seth Rogen Is All Fired Up”, The New York Times) is finally selling in the States after starting business in Canada a few years ago. While it’s super cool that a legendary Canadian stoner who went to the same high school as my Dad (not at the same time, but still neat!) and his classmate directing/writing/business partner who named their production company after said school are selling their own Indica and Sativa strains while also advocating for decriminalization and restoring the rights of those impacted by the war on drugs, they are also selling ceramic accessories that SETH DESIGNED HIMSELF BECAUSE HE’S SUPER INTO POTTERY. Learning this made my week, and I just want to hang out with him and his wife because they seem super awesome.

  • A parent wrote in to Slate about how their son was recently suspended / may be expelled for bullying an Asian American classmate with racist taunts related to the pandemic. And the parent asks what I imagine is one of the most important questions any parent could ever have to ask, “What is the appropriate punishment for racism?” No excuses, no explaining away the behavior. Just asking what needs to be done about it (and it should be noted that the response focuses on the importance of “necessary, ongoing action,” to correct and prevent racist behavior.) 

  • And finally, Friend of the Missive Greg Keraghosian wrote a delightful piece on recently-discovered “decades-old, often hand-painted advertisements on the sides of buildings that are abandoned and in various states of decay.” This urban curiosity is what I live for: East Bay's historic ghost signs: How some recent discoveries led to a new urban exploration project (SFGate)

Wear your mask, be kind to yourself, and let me know if you’ve already received you vaccine! Hearing those stories reminds me how close we are to this other side.

xoxo Amy