I’m Getting Back On That Workout Racket And Thank God I Thrive In That Beginner’s Mindset Because WOOF It’s Been A Year Of Lowered Heart Rates For Me.

Poppets, I am so pleasantly surprised at how many of you Missive readers wrote to tell me that you too own the Kacey Musgraves fancy pants candle. I cannot wait for the histories of consumerism written for this era, because I’m pretty sure our great-grandchildren as going to look back on this era of high-tech cottagecore nesting with curiosity.


  • I appreciate it when journalists kindly but firmly explain what goes into their coverage, and gives a peek into what goes into editorial decisions at their publications. Which is why I think you should all read Friend of the Missive Alex Wilhelm’s Why no one covered your early-stage round over on his personal site. A few times in my career, and mostly with technology clients, I’ve been asked why I couldn’t get a reporter to cover an announcement, as if the journo/flack relationship is one of me telling them what to write (I promise you, it’s one hundred percent most certainly not like that.) Alex gently walking through his and his publication’s decision making process is a service.

  • I often read Anne Helen Petersen’s Culture Study and feel like she’s sitting next to me every day and observing, watching as my face falls once the Zoom camera is off, clocking the long hours and chronicling when I’m productive, and when I certainly am not. Which is why you should certainly read Imagine Your Flexible Office Work Future. Petersen is the millennial white collar worker whisperer and I cannot wait for upcoming book she is publishing with her partner Charlie Warzel: Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working from Home (yes, I have pre-ordered it.) Warzel is another favorite of ours, another digital sage of our age and creator of my favorite substacks of all time Some Dogs.

  • This Axios poll is encouraging, and even more of a reason we need to invest in how we communicate these issues and tell stories; happy there’s more common ground for us to tread, especially in the long term: Americans agree about more issues than they realize (Axios)

  • And finally, THERE’S BUTTER DRAMA UP IN CANADA. And wait, we feed palm oil to cows now? Now this is the Moooooooos you can use. (#sorrynotsorry) Hat tip to Mum of the Missive, per usual. (CBC)

You’re great. Be kind to yourself, wear a mask, and keep going, mmmkay?

Xoxo Amy