I'm Gonna Need A Jensen Karp / MBMBAM Shrimp Heaven Crossover STAT, Thank You For Your Attention To This Matter.

Dearests! It’s been a week, and it’s only Wednesday. On Monday, I woke up at my regular 5 am time and just. could. not. write, instead spending the morning puttering about my kitchen, getting distracted by shiny objects and forgetting which task I was supposed to be completing. And yesterday I woke up to an internet outage, which I discovered when I asked my robot butler to turn off my alarm and they just yelled back that there was no connection to the internet, forcing me to get out of bed and physically turn off my alarm, which really is the best alarm, if you think about it, and might be indicative of the machines becoming sentient. But don’t cry for me, for instead of Missiving, I took a morning bath and read my the spooky murder mystery book I’ve been devouring The Sanatorium, which is oh so damned good and you should read it, and if it hasn’t been optioned for a movie yet, Hollywood is broken.


That’s it, that’s all! Be kind to each other, and wear your masks, please!

xoxo Amy