Immigration Qualifications, Dishwashing, and Subreddits

Good morning, my loves! Over the weekend I had dinner with a few fantabulous journos I know, and we got to talking about communities on the internet, and whether our beloved Twitter could survive it's current plighted state. After we all shared our various stories of garbage humans coming @ us, I asked them if there was anywhere on the web that still had a community-feel, somewhere to learn and laugh and explore in relative peace. Their answer, which surprised me, was Reddit, an online platform I had sworn off years previous after being exposed to some of the truly heinous humans who inhabited it at the time. They insisted that there were healthy and happy subreddits where conversation and collaboration could occur. So I signed up, and have now fallen down a Reddit hole, especially since Aaron Sankin recommended /r/BirdsWithArms.

And yes, I know for some of you readers this is like someone discovering email in 2014, but bear with me as I expand my internet horizons a bit, please and thank you ;)

Toodles, my doodles!