Impeachment 2: The Squeakquel (I Still Know What You Did At The Insurrection)

So look at this, the current occupant of the Oval Office has actually become the number one, the historic first of something: being impeached twice. And as we enter into the next phase of the impeachment process, with McConnell refusing to bring the Senate back early to kick off the trial, what does that mean as we’re in the final days of 45’s ignominious presidency? At first blush, not much, because in under a week we will have a new President AND a Bay Area woman of color as Vice President (THANK GOD, pretty much all that’s keeping me going right now) but as Vox explains, an impeachment trial of an ex-president could help determine whether he can ever run for office again or get the $$$ from his pension and the like. So let’s get ‘er done and grab him by the wallet, shall we?

Also, not that you need to be reminded, but Speaker Pelosi is a BOSS with a sense of humor.

To the internet!

That’s it, that’s all. Stay safe, wear your masks, be kind to yourself, ok?

xoxo Amy